Network Security Tips

Maintain a Network Security Policy
Having a network security policy outlining user policies works as a boundary for business organizations. Network policies detail who can access the network, what privileges they have, etc. Limit administrative access as much as possible, instead give individual users their own access credentials with limited access.

Update Your Software Regularly
Update your software to the latest versions. One way hackers find loopholes is through old versions of software. Each year more and more hackers come up with tricks to get past our firewalls. Updating your security software annually will help to ensure you have the most protection available and pertinent to your level of risk.

Educate Your Users
One of the weakest links in a network are the users and hackers know this. Hence, phishers use this weak point to attack. Educate your staff about the dangers involved in network security and how to identify other potential security breaches.

Block Your Users from Installing Software
Many companies are attacked by malware and suffer data loss, because employees with download privileges are not familiar enough with safe versus malicious websites. It would be beneficial to prohibit users from downloading, and route all download request to the network administration team who can evaluate and then download.

Install a Trustworthy Firewall
Your firewall is a network security system that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network traffic. Based on set security rules be sure you speak to your IT consultant about which would offer your company the best protection for you. Install a firewall comparable to your level of security needs.

Install a Trusted Antivirus Program
Install a trusted antivirus program. Be careful not to run more than one antivirus program, because they can clash with each other.

Upgrade to a Quality Back up System
Having a quality back up system that automatically backs up at certain intervals throughout the day will ensure your data is preserved at all times In the event of any computer and/or network, or internet failure. Be sure this is reviewed and updated annually.

Hire Experience
Be sure to hire consultants who can help to set up your security system to minimize the risk to your company and your customers.