Your Innovation Partner in Business Technology

The Computer Guys of LA.

Most business owners in the automotive dealership industry find it difficult to find partners who are local and fully accessible.  We also see that many tech partners don’t understand their business and that can be very costly to the dealership. To make matters worse, you are paying for services that aren’t needed, and you’re overpaying for the services that you do need. Not to mention the cost of downtime and waiting for a “break-fix” technician to remedy any issue that should have been avoided in the first place. You deserve better. You deserve to be lifted from the stone age of old technology that is hurting your business and keeping you from maximizing your profit and earning potential.

At The Computer Guys of LA, we don’t want you to:

“At The Computer Guys of LA, we don’t want you to spend more, get lower quality support, or hand-cuff your revenue during unnecessary downtime.”

Your Business Matters

We want to keep you up and running – maximizing your revenue and profit. We can help with any difficult technical decisions and ensure that you are running clean, safe, efficient operations.

We are local to Southern California and can meet in person when needed. Not only do we provide you with peace of mind that your systems won’t go down unexpectedly, but you’ll be with the most reliable technology partner in the automotive industry.

As business owners and operators, we deserve to spend our time on what matters most – sales and relationships.

Let The Computer Guys of LA take away the burden of costly downtime and all the frustration of not having a reliable expert when you need it most.

By partnering with us, we promise that you will:

Specialized in IT Services for Car Dealerships

We are the only IT managed service provider in Southern California that is dedicated to car dealerships and their owners. Our central focus is supporting the automotive dealership industry to become more profitable and efficient. We are trusted by the #1 dealer on the west coast, and the Top 10 dealer in the nation. 

We have 20+ years in business and have been a reliable partner in the industry.  We do whatever it takes to ensure you are satisfied and maximize your revenue. We stand behind our promise by honoring a “1st Month Free” guarantee. We also provide a simple onboarding process and a free bill audit as part of our initial business assessment.

Make more money with your uptime.

We make money when your computers are up and running, not when they’re down and need to be fixed.

The Computer Guys of LA helps car dealerships make more money by keeping their computers working efficiently, online, and up-to-date.

We work with your schedule to make the most efficient transition for your business. Seamless on boarding for new partners, through our 3-step process.

Step 1

Identify your needs

Step 2

Install software

Step 3

Continually manage and tune up your systems