Who are we:

Our IT service family was founded in 2013 and is being led with more than twenty years of industry experience by Fred Marzillier. Fred is a Los Angeles native who gained his knowledge working both for a small business Managed Service Provider (MSP) to a corporate fortune 500 organization where he was part of the IT department. His relationships with the business community has been the catalyst for launching The Computer Guys of LA as he learned of the needs the business owners were facing on a day to day basis. Whether it was network management, email support, employee workstations, security, or internet service, the business owner was having to source their own vendors, assess their own needs for the services and making decisions based on what was being presented. This was taking the business owner or manager away from their most important goals. In most cases, they were agreeing to services and terms, that their business didn’t need to begin with. Fred knew there was a better way, and his passion to serve other businesses as a one stop shop as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Los Angeles has been growing ever since. Fred is a father to two beautiful daughters, Maribel and Symone and a loving partner to Lily who has been supporting him on his journey from the beginning. Besides the work he does through The Computer Guys of LA, Fred has a passion for helping other business owners succeed and grow. He’s a firm believer in working hard and achieving your goals and believes every person can accomplish their dreams if they are dedicated and focused.

How we got started: 

Our very first client, who remains our client to this day is, Rydell Northridge and Rydell San Fernando. It was through the relationship we had with this incredible company, that allowed for The Computer Guys of LA to be launched even though it was based out of our apartment. We started predominantly with several core services, which were network installation and management, workstation set up, and management, including emails, security and new employee onboardings, internet installation and security. It was hard work, there were many sleepless nights. We were ( and still are ) dedicated to the best quality that could be provided and the commitment we made as a new company was to not let our first clients down, both literally, the internet, and symbolically. In the process, which is continuing and will continue, we have learned many lessons and grown to be better in many areas of our services. Our company’s mission has developed further through the ongoing improvements we made, and our clients have had a big part in our development. Their expectations for excellence drive us to meet them every day. We have grown and still have much growing to do, our commitment hasn’t wavered, and our mission remains with our clients. Eventually we moved from the apartment where we started, to a house where we could store more inventory. We continued our services and expanded our commitment to other businesses that needed the services we were and are still offering. Our clients include anywhere from three person staff to over one hundred per location.  No matter how big or small the business is, it doesn’t change our approach and dedication to be the best advocate for our clients. Eventually, we moved the business out of the house and have been operating from our Mission Hills office and are happy to be part of the community. 

[What we do: 

We work with the owners of the business, the managers, and the operations directors in Los Angeles, and the surrounding areas, to create a plan that supports their business goals and help create the foundation  of excellence through IT services. From establishing a new workspace, to expanding an existing one, and everything in between, we are there. Every service is tailored to the business without compromising quality or security. Our services include the installation and ongoing management of; networks, wireless access, internet, disaster recovery, telephone services, workstation setups, emails, camera systems and monitoring, cloud services. In addition to the above mentioned, we also work with larger retailers to procure hardware at a lower cost that we pass on to our client. Additionally, we are frequently working with companies such as Spectrum, and At&T. We have direct communication with local representatives who are effective in getting projects up and running without having to go through the run around that you as a manager may have to go through. This is at no extra cost to the business since the larger companies compensate Managed Service Providers, such as The Computer Guys of LA, to care for accounts using their services. We are not a break fix company, meaning we don’t wait for things to break so we can fix it. Instead our value is within making sure your business has uncompromised continuity. In other words, we are the IT department without the cost of an IT department, but we are always working for you just like an IT department would and more. We understand that when we support the growth of our clients, we are rewarded by being able to continue our services, which in turn, helps us grow as well.

What makes us different:  

For a business that wants more than an installation or network management, for a business owner that knows how relationships with their service providers can improve or diminish the overall success of the organization’s mission, and for those who want an advocate not just IT professionals. We are the business IT service provider for those companies within the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. The Computer Guys of LA becomes a strategic partner that has the client’s best interest. Because we only succeed when our clients do, our mission is to make sure our clients are fully taken care of. We have ongoing bill audits to make sure there aren’t any additional items client does not need. The Computer Guys of LA becomes woven into projects for expansion, improvements, scaling and over time becomes part of businesses best practices. We are dedicated to our clients with a track record that speaks for itself. Our approach is different from others IT Service providers as we go beyond the equipment, installations and the monitoring. Yes, we source the best in the industry and bring it to our client, but that’s not where it stops. The most important difference between our company and competitors is our relationships and how we nurture them. We believe in building with others, transparency and always having our client’s success come first. We have a ‘can do’ attitude and will always find a solution to any IT problem. As we grow our own vendor network, we make sure those that support our mission are aligned with the same values. 

Why you should use us/benefits:

Your business will benefit from using The Computer Guys of LA as the preferred IT Service provider because of our presence. Business owners often state, that the ‘computer guy’ the business has now, is hard to get a hold of. The company that used to serve them got too big, and now they are not getting the attention they used to. One of the benefits of working with The Computer Guys of LA is having direct access to our team, our resources and our management. There is no client too small for us to change our care level. This is just one benefit of working with us. Another benefit of working with The Computer Guys of LA is it will either cut the current cost for IT services, or the business will reallocate the current funds to services that the business needs. We find that many businesses pay for installed equipment and services they don’t need. One of the core services we provide to non-clients, is a multi-point assessment during a free on-site visit.  Our team works with upper management to review the set ups, installed equipment, quality of connection, ongoing monthly services subscriptions associated with IT services, and will advise on a recommendation that will only empower the business owner to make an even better decision towards a more optimized IT set up system. Another benefit of working with The Computer Guys of LA is having your own IT department, without the cost of funding an IT department with in-house staff. Our services go beyond the typical IT installations and monitoring. We are educators, advocates and the consultants for the Los Angeles based businesses.