Business Phone Service & Systems (VoIP)

Modern communication methods are quickly moving away from the traditional phone networks and favoring network based strategies that allow communication via the Internet. The two major options that are becoming readily available are VoIP and Unified Communications. 

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

Most businesses have high bandwidth Internet connections which support a VoIP service. Many VoIP solutions offer considerable cost savings for the businesses compared to the traditional phone lines. In most cases, businesses are able to use their current phones which makes the transition over to a cost saving solution that much more desirable.

UC (Unified Communications)

A modern approach to communication solutions which delivers a more company wide system. Where a VoIP is more internet based calling and can offer some of the services that Unified Communications provides, UC’s core features are focused on providing continuous presence across multiple interfaces such as:

Instant messaging

Screen Sharing

Call Control

Video Conferencing


Speech Recognition



Voicemail and much more.

Each business is unique and the type of communication platform will depend on the needs and demands. We can help you with discovering which platform will deliver the most value and how it can solve any current issues you may be having.