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When your internet goes down, do you just type in Google “computer services near me?” If so, who is it that you’re looking at? What you need is a Managed Services Provider and here is what it’s all about.


The What

Why do companies need managed service providers? Usually, a company that starts to operate a business in an office environment. These businesses are using computers and phones and those require a network to be set up and internet to be functioning well. Thing such as great internet speed is needed for the employees to work sufficiently.  At The Computer Guys of Los Angeles, we are what would you would call an MSP, which stands for Managed Services Provider.  At The Computer Guys of LA, we specialize specifically in small to medium-sized businesses in the Los Angeles and the surrounding area, including but not limited to San Diego, Ventura, and Riverside counties. Any business that uses a computer on day to day basis,  a business that has employees who use these computers on day to day basis and phones and they are connected to the worldwide web (which all require a network to be set up with the proper security measures, we are the company that manages all these pieces under one roof.

Instead of you having to call so many different vendors for different reasons of maintenance, such as of phone company, hardware store, an internet company, you have only one number to call. You call us, and we do the work on your behalf.  This allows you to stay focused on your business and goals. The positive about working with an MSP is you’re working with a single point of contact who is able to take care of all of these things for you and you just deal with one person. And in fact, one of the coolest things is that you don’t even have to call every time because working with an MSP is more of a proactive solution instead of a reactive one. So if you think about when are you calling these vendors, let’s say, when are you calling the phone company? It’s when you have a problem. When are you calling Internet companies? What we do here at The Computer Guys of LA is we make sure those calls for the internet, wireless, network and anything technology related,  are not happening or they are reduced to the lowest possible number. Our job is to make sure that you are always up and running and can continue your work and not being interrupted by slow speed or missing access to files and things of that sort.


It Works for Everyone

Because our business is proactive solutions-oriented, we here at The Computer Guys of LA are not what you would call a break-fix business. What that means is, that we don’t wait for something break so we can fix it. That is not how we operate. Again, going back to how we do operate is based on our ability to make sure that you are always up and running. At The Computer Guys of LA, your local managed service provider for your small or medium-sized business, we work with great partners that allow us to bring these services to you. Services such internet (whether it’s installation or management or both), we have access to companies that you may be familiar, such as spectrum or At&T  who have great relationships with us. We are agents for these larger companies and our compensation comes from them, not you as the client. So in essence, when you’re working with The Computer Guys of LA, you also have direct access to these various vendors but with the special rates, we are given which we are able to pass on to our clients.


The How

When we evaluate your business, we will actually be able to come up with various solutions that may or may not include the partnerships of these larger companies. It all depends on what your business needs. Because every business is different and not every solution is going to be applicable to every business, we create solutions that make sense for your goals and your budget. Another thing that brings me up to the next point is that here at The Computer Guys of LA we really take our time to see what it is you do. How do you do it, what are the problems you’re facing right now and where is it that you want to go? For example, if you are trying to create more efficient systems for your employees, then we will look at speed and to see if there’s any kind of snugs happening there in your network and see possible expansions of bandwidth, security measures. Things like blocking certain sites out of access and increasing productivity in ways you may not have even considered.


The Details

Another example would be, let’s say you want your employees while they’re on the clock, to be available even though they’re in and out of the office. We can create a process where the phone will move with them. Now that’s cool. Sounds quite literal and in a sense it is. The phone line that’s on the desk phone can actually be set up so it travels with the person so when they don’t answer their desk phone, the line will be routed to an app on their cell phone. This kind of solution helps employees that are in and out of the office, to be available to their clients even if they’re not sitting behind their office desk.  If you want to do such things as guest wireless separate from the main WIFI, The Computer Guys of LA can create that for you as well. We also incorporate security measures around all our services. Part of the service includes back end managing monitoring which is part of the proactive upstart project creation.  This allows for seamless monitoring and preventing any viruses or issues that may come up. We are alerted and can take care of it remotely without causing an interruption in your workday.


The Why

In addition to all the great services,  we have managed to save our clients’ money over time and at The Computer Guys of LA, we have managed to reallocate some of the funds towards services that the business actually needs instead of services they weren’t using or it was never needed.  As a managed service provider, an MSP, there are many, many benefits to working with us because of the one-stop-shop and because of the time that you get to save. You have a professional IT department without having to hire and fund a department in house. You have access to professionals who have your best interest in mind and who only succeed when your business does. So we have a stake in making sure you continue to grow. At the Computer Guys of LA, you will be working with a professional team who truly cares about you and your business. We are not transactional instead we are a relationship-based business. And that is something we look for in the clients we work with. Generally, the clients we have great relationships with, also have that great relationship with the clients they serve. It’s just something we’ve discovered in working with so many great organizations we’re honored to serve.  We appreciate that transparency, that business relationship and that is where we really thrive as a business is working with people who care for what they’re doing. Whether it is a local or a regional business that you are running and you are looking for a solution-driven partner who is always on your side, will always advocate for what’s best for you and truly invested in your success, then you might want to check us out. It’s just the best way to remember us because when you need a partner you call The Computer Guys of LA.