Disaster Recovery

More than loss of time.

Disaster Recovery is essential for all businesses as it is part of the businesses continuity plan. This measure dictates the level of risk mitigation put in place and how fast a business can be back up and running in an event of an attack or an outage. By having a Disaster Recovery plan implemented, your business will have:

A plan in place, that matches the recovery time objective and priorities for your business.

Backing up of and mirroring of data which can then be re-calibrated back without any hassle.

Scheduled periodical backups of your hardware and software, which will validate that data has been accurately backed up.

Industry compliant strategies that ensure your business is safe and has met the necessary objectives set forth by the government.

Not only a corrective measure, but this service will add a detective and preventative measure for your business.

When a well planned recovery plan is in place, a business is positioned to save time and money. Don’t wait for the crash to get the plan in place.