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Don’t let fear of technology hold you back from asking questions.

In a world where technology is advancing faster than we can catch up to it, business owners have an even bigger piece of the worry than the average consumer of these products.

You want to make sure your systems are up to date, your staff has the resources they need to perform, the equipment being utilized are delivering their promised value and last but not least, your investments in services and products are delivering the returns you were promised.

Contracts are signed, services are delivered, and years have now gone by. You hope you are getting your money’s worth.  You can’t really cut out IT as everything operational is rooted in technology, so you leave it alone.

With all this in mind, I am here to tell you not to be afraid to ask questions and shake things up. In the first place, have your accounts audited by your providers, ask if you are getting the most out of what you’re paying. It’s important to realize that your job is not to know everything about IT (unless this is your industry), and this should not be the cause why you’ve stopped the conversation.

Here are some questions to consider when speaking to your service providers.

When it comes to internet:

Am I getting the best speed for my business that I am currently paying for?

For your phones:

What features have you added lately that I am not getting on my account, but I could be without adding any additional cost?

For your network and desktop security:

Am I protected and is my customer information protected? How do I know that I am?

Business Continuity pertaining to IT:

Can you scale with us? What projects can help me expand my business?

An MSP (Managed Service Provider) should have the qualifications to show up for their customer as an advocate. So , what should you be looking for when evaluating future and current service providers? It is their ability to care and the willingness to fight for you. For them to consider your benefits first and always be honest, even when they know you may not like hearing it at first. All things considered, we have a responsibility that goes beyond network switches, desktops and phone systems. It is the people behind those desktops and the people who hire them that we connect with and serve. Ultimately, you are the customer, don’t hold back from asking your IT team to deliver in the highest standard possible.