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Our General Terms and Conditions

All of the Terms in this Agreement are in addition to Our General Terms and Conditions, which can be found at

By signing this Agreement, you also agree to those General Terms and Conditions.

For any terms that exist in both, the terms in this Agreement will override.

Commitment Term

The minimum term that You have agreed to Our Services is outlined in Our Proposal to you and is referred to as the Commitment Term.

The Commitment Term begins from the first day of the next month (after the date of accepting Our Proposal).

After the expiry of the Committed Term, an extension of the Term will automatically commence equal to the period of the original Committed Term, unless earlier terminated as outlined in the ‘Termination’ section below

Termination of Contract

You agree that if You need to Terminate this Agreement before the end of the Commitment Term, You agree to pay the current Agreement Fee multiplied by the number of months left in the current Commitment Term within 14 days of providing Us Notification of Termination.

Should there be any pricing adjustments made to this Agreement during a Commitment Term, the Plan Fee used to calculate any Termination Payment will be based on the latter of the original

Proposal or any updated Pricing adjustments made in writing from Us to You.

All Termination requests must be made in writing to:

The Computer Guys

9018 Balboa Blvd #581,

Northridge, CA 91325