Managed Wireless

We work for you

Managed Wireless gives your business a single point of contact for your internet service and puts you in control of how you want your internet to work for you. As a partner, we pass our benefits to our customers, which do not get offered by the larger commercial service providers. Here are some of the perks that come with the managed wireless service are:

Private wireless access for all employees and dedicated access for your Guests, should you chose to provide that as an option.

By outsourcing your wireless network design, you are in charge of what gets delivered to your business and you only get what you need and want.

As your Managed Service Provider, we are able to see the issues before they happen versus waiting for the system to go down then take a reactive measure.

Your team knows exactly who to contact if there are any connectivity issues, where they may get lost in the transfer game which impacts efficiency.

We free up space for your IT team, by removing the day to day tasks of regularly analyzing enterprise requirements, designing and installing of all your WLAN and the day to day management and operation of the system.

We can scale with your business by quickly deploying any additional WLAN nodes to match sudden workload spokes.

As a Managed Service Provider we partner with the best in tech security industry, and deliver the latest and best products to keep your business and data secure, which meets or exceeds business compliance measures.