Available Services

Business Focused Solutions

Network Management / Server Management

Continuous monitoring of a business’s network to ensure all its resources both hardware and software are in top shape and are being utilized appropriately. Through careful and thorough application of protocols, systems and devices, we keep your network up to date and secured to match the ongoing growth and demand of your business.

Proactive Solutions

In some businesses, action isn’t taken until disaster strikes. Our solutions provide proactive steps that help prevent business downtime. Many attacks occur due to unpatched hardware and software. Proactive solutions maintain scheduled patches to ensure the security of your systems as well as maintaining smooth business operations.

Network Security

With 24/7 monitoring along with the latest hardware technology, we can see problems before they strike and may prevent them from becoming disastrous. Businesses that fail to implement preventative strategies, when faced with a network breach, deal with longer downtimes, loss in revenue, and productivity as a whole.

vCIO Consulting / Your Business Partner

When it comes to technology and your business, strategy development, migration, scaling and making sense of the information and services can be overwhelming. As your vCIO, we advocate for the success of your business and partner with you to ensure the right strategy, timeline, hardware, and the available services will accomplish the goal you have set for your growth and success.

Remote Support

Day to day operational support through safe encrypted remote session software to assist with troubleshooting and IT inquiries. By being available remotely, we are able to solve most technical issues without having to step inside your business. This makes the delivery of our solutions effective, timely and most importantly value driven. All workstations are equipped with appropriate access to submit inquiries and be able to connect with a virtual IT specialist to assist them in real time.

Backup Monitoring / Disaster Recovery

Through backup monitoring, we protect your physical and virtual Windows servers, including SQL and Exchange, all your employee workstations, laptops and the remote workforce. Your business will benefit by having protection against accidental data deletion, protection from dangers from internal threats, protection from any loss caused by external threats, they help you save money and time and will help fill in employee retention gaps.

Automation & Engineering

Through automation, we are able to leverage the latest technology to provide better support and encourage better cost alignment to revenue. By automating simple tasks, we are able to provide more value added services for your business. Leveraging engineering and automation, we increase positive documentation, effective prioritization of tasks, effective patch management and increase in efficiency which creates a positive and effective communication between us as your partner in business.

Cyber Risk Management

A clear and duplicable plan is applied towards your business’s cyber security management where incoming and probable cyber attacks are prioritized and addressed effectively. Any malicious software or attack attempt targeting vulnerabilities or weaknesses in your network architecture is considered a threat. The right plan to identify and address these vulnerabilities before they become disastrous will the most valuable service to be implemented.

ISP Vendor Relation Management

Our relationships don’t just end with the clients we serve. They extend to the many great companies and organizations that help us bring services to our clients. Because we have established relationships with large commercial service providers (such as Spectrum, AT&T, etc.)., we are able to go directly to channel managers to request service, quotes, discuss contracts, manage projects alongside them and advocate for our client’s best interest while maintaining a respectful and ongoing relationship with various vendors.

Review of current services and auditing of overpayment

Because most businesses have payments automated for many of their services, they don’t audit the services they are paying for. It has been our experience, that businesses can overpay for services they don’t need; are paying for a service they are not receiving, or are receiving a service that’s either too much (both in price and product), or not enough (not the right kind of product). We audit each bill payment relevant to technology (internet, tv, phones, etc), to discover any potential issues client may not be aware of. If a billing issue is found, we work with the service provider to correct it and help get any applicable refunds for our client.

VoIP Offering for Businesses

One of the biggest benefits for a business of using VoIP is the cost saving opportunity. Scalability, flexibility, advanced features that are typically an added cost within traditional analog service and the large integrations with other tools are just some of the pain highlights of why VoIP has become and will continue to be the preferred choice for businesses. We are able and ready to be of service for your business depending on the needs and the goals you are working on achieving. All VoIP services have the flexibility to be tailored to each business, and you are not locked in with one carrier, or one type of a phone system. You are in charge of your options and we are in charge of delivering them.

Server Management

Servers are responsible for storing, processing, and managing data, as well as hosting applications and services that are essential to the business. Proper server management ensures that these resources are available, reliable, and secure, which is essential for maintaining productivity and minimizing downtime. Our team provides effective management through installation, configuration both with hardware and software, monitoring and system performance, security, troubleshooting and planning of scaling and capacity load.

Microsoft 365

Tools built by Microsoft 365, such as Office suite apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc), and OneDrive for storage, are just some of the productivity options businesses use everyday to increase productivity, efficiency and uniformity within their organizations. Stability and flexibility allow for customization to meet the more specific needs and the mobility allows for the tools to be accessed from any location. As a proud partner with Microsoft, we are ready and able to meet the needs of your business.

Reynolds & Reynolds / CDK

As a car dealership, the most common CRM systems used to run the operations are CDK and Reynolds & Reynolds. We specialize in offering services to support both systems for our dealership clients and have built knowledge, expertise and experience over the last twenty years to deliver it confidently.