Wireless Management

Managed Wireless gives your business a single point of contact for your internet service and puts you in control of how you want your internet to work for you. As a partner, we pass our benefits to our customers, which do not get offered by the larger commercial service providers.

Here are some of the perks that come with the managed wireless service: Private wireless access for all employees and dedicated access for your Guests, should you choose to provide that as an option. By outsourcing your wireless network design, you are in charge of what gets delivered to your business and you only get what you need and want. As your Managed Service Provider, we are able to see the issues before they happen versus waiting for the system to go down then take a reactive measure. Your team knows exactly who to contact if there are any connectivity issues, where they may get lost in the transfer game which often impacts efficiency. We free up space for your IT team, by removing the day to day tasks of regularly analyzing enterprise requirements, designing and installing of all your wireless network and the day to day management and operation of the system. We can scale with your business by quickly deploying any additional wireless network nodes to match sudden workload spokes. As a Managed Service Provider we partner with the best in tech security industry, and deliver the latest and best products to keep your business and data secure, which meets or exceeds business compliance measures.

Network Management

Network Management allows for customized monitoring for your entire network including but not limited to servers, routers, firewalls, workstations and other network devices, without having in-house personnel dedicated to the task. The Computer Guys of LA’s Network Management service includes the following services within its delivery of service; alerts and reporting of events and failures, allowing for proactive solutions, ongoing monitoring and systems success checks. Performance reports which can be made available on a weekly or monthly basis. Patch Management from a single WSUS (Windows Service Update Server hosted at our site. This simplifies the process and efficiency for all Windows devices. Maintaining the health and connectivity of your network to reduce downtime for your staff and business. Security for all your data transfer channels which are industry compliant. We use the best resources for software and equipment each and every time to ensure quality and reliability. Even when you are ready to scale or move, we will be there every step of the way for provisioning of services that grow with your business.

Workstation Management

Managed Workstations brings your business a three-tier support system that includes, monitoring, maintenance and support for your staff and the devices they use. If you have an office with computers your business needs workstations management. This is a core service we provide at The Computer Guys of LA and have the best resources that we pass on to our clients at the cost only available to MSP’s such as ourselves.
The scope of service includes but is not limited to: 24/7/365 health checks provide a proactive solution to any potential issues that could interrupt efficiencies. Ongoing software updates and system performance improvements. Security and antivirus that keeps your business and data protected. Office 365 Included with various levels of service and is always available as an add on when needed. Full access to IT Specialists, both on consultative basis and technical support. Unlimited remote support available when needed. Automatic patch management and updates that is implemented in the background without interrupting employees. We bring the tools and the programs your business needs and only provide what you will use. Fixed monthly costs that don’t lead to end of month surprise fees.


Disaster Recovery is essential for all businesses as it is part of the business’s continuity plan. This measure dictates the level of risk mitigation put in place and how fast a business can be back up and running in the event of an attack or an outage. By having a Disaster Recovery plan implemented, your business will have: A plan in place, that matches the recovery time objective and priorities for your business. Backing up of and mirroring of data which can then be re-calibrated back without any hassle. Scheduled periodical backups of your hardware and software, which will validate that data has been accurately backed up. Industry compliant strategies that ensure your business is safe and has met the necessary objectives set forth by the government.
Not only a corrective measure, but this service will add a detective and preventive measure for your business. When a well-planned recovery plan is in place, a business is positioned to save time and money. Don’t wait for the crash to get the plan in place.

Business Phone Service & Systems (VoIP) 

Modern communication methods are quickly moving away from the traditional phone networks and favoring network based strategies that allow communication via the Internet. The two major options that are becoming readily available are VoIP and Unified Communications.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
Most businesses have high bandwidth Internet connections which support a VoIP service. Many VoIP solutions offer considerable cost savings for businesses compared to the traditional phone lines. In most cases, businesses are able to use their current phones which makes the transition over to a cost saving solution that much more desirable
UC (Unified Communications)
A modern approach to communication solutions which delivers a more company wide system. Where a VoIP is more internet based calling and can offer some of the services that Unified Communications provides, UC’s core features are focused on providing continuous presence across multiple interfaces such as:
Instant messaging /Screen Sharing/ Call Control /Video Conferencing /Email /Speech Recognition /SMS /VoIP /Voicemail and much more.
Each business is unique and the type of communication platform will depend on the needs and demands. We can help you with discovering which platform will deliver the most value and how it can solve any current issues you may be having.

Guest Wifi 

Are you already providing a “Free WiFi” access to your guests? Do you have to give out passwords, secret missions or treasure hunts in order for the guests to get the password? What happens afterwards? Nothing. Your guests go online and you as a business just missed an opportunity to connect with them on one of the social media networks. Depending on your business and the type of service you provide, it is likely that your customer is already engaged on the web. Why not connect all the dots since you already are half way?
Turn your Free Wi-Fi service into an automated lead generating machine. Engage your customers on Social Media and gain valuable marketing data. Run contests, promotions and special offers, engaging your customers in real-time. We help turn your customers into fans using Social Powered Free Wi-Fi. My WiFi LA is a division of The Computer Guys of L.A. that supports small businesses in their efforts to connect with their customers through WiFi capabilities. Whether an organization has a marketing plan in place or not, we have plans that fit all needs.